New York

I could devote an entire website to places I love in New York... here are just a few.


Any restaurant from Mario Batali

He and Joe Bastianich are great hosts, serving delicious food with impeccable wines and service... pick any of their places and get ready to be wowed.


Any place from my good friend Tom Colicchio

He’s committed to perfect ingredients, cooking them with integrity and finesse. Even his sandwich place, Witchcraft, rocks.


Gotham Bar and Grill

Still, after all these years, Alfred Portale continues to amaze me with his “Big City” creations... and he’s a kick ass tennis player.


Da Ciro

Sit at the bar, order the “special Foccacia”, a glass of red wine, and be prepared to have one of the “best bites” in NYC.


Mary’s Fish Camp

Small, fun, packed, perfect!



Super cool setting for amazing seafood, all done in a simple Greek style.



Jonathon Waxman is a rock star, one of the real heroes of American cooking. Order anything and everything on the menu…’s all delicious.


Barney Greengrass

A real NYC experience, affectionately known as “the Sturgeon King”…. ’nuff said.



Gabrielle Hamilton’s perfect, unfussy restaurant. Brunch, Dinner……it’s all good.



Wylie Dufresne is a magician. Eat here. Now!


Sushi Yasuda

One of my favorite sushi restaurants in NYC.



The perfect steakhouse; plus how many places can say they had a mob hit right in front of their restaurant? Don’t worry, it was many years ago.


Katz’s Deli

NYC perfection. Go for the pastrami and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda. Ahhhh…



Marco Canora rocks the small plates here, and I think the wine list is one of the most interesting and playful lists around.